Signature Editions



Signature Edition

Most photography portrait sessions go something like this. Book a session and go to a location and pose with a photographer and shoot a variety of different shots with  vary degrees of changes. The end result is some lovely images to select from and place on the wall or in a album. Now, lets be clear there is nothing wrong with this. It is certainly a wonderful way to capture a family or pets and I infact have packages like this myself.

However, I think there can be more to it. I think we can create more artisitic imagery that goes beyond the standard. I would love to supply you an alternative and maybe just create a timeless and personalised work of art.

Key Points

  • Unique

Tony's individual fine art skills are enhanced within each artwork, creating a very personal piece.

  • Collaboration

Taking in key personality traits of your pet and meaningful locations that connect the art with you and your family.

  • Planning

Tony planning from the consultation helps ensure a smooth and stress free shoot.

  • Personalised

More than just a significant work of art on your wall, it contains the loves of your life and a dedication to them. What a beautiful way to showcase that love.

My background is in the fine art field, I spent three years at college learning how to illustrate, paint and take photos. All those years ago, I didn't forsee how my photography and illustration skills would merge into one and deliver unique works of art that rise above the normal photography experience.

Signature Edition has been 30 years in the making. It is the years and years of experience, the skills gathered over those thirty years that produce this high level of work. Practice and dedication to an art form that has now evolved to supply clients with something very unique. This is what you are investing in, for if you just want a photo there are many who will offer that service an infact give you the images on a USB and charge you a low fee for this lack of service and quality. However, if you can see the worth and value in my work, then we might just be able to create something special.

I do understand this Signature Edition is not for everyone, budget alone would rule many out as my pricing is certainly not at the lower end of the photography spectrum. For some they don't see the value in one image of their pets. But for the few, that appreciate fine art, that love their dogs and understand the value of a timeless work of art is somehow priceless and only enhances their decor it often becomes a must have. I love to work with those who are invested in this concept, the dog lovers who have a place on their walls waiting for their artwork to be hung and become involved in the creative process and collaborate with me to creating a once in a lifetime piece.

The Process

Once we have a short consultation, we firm up the location and start the planning. We will book a session and take about 1-2 hours on location fine tuning different shots and play with light and see what the natural light is offering. After the session is completed, I bring images back to my computer and start hand rendering using those illustration skills to bring out details and enhance the light and shades to bring the artwork to life. This can take several days before it is ready to be printed. I only use the finest quality products and we can certainly discuss your decor preferences.


As I mentioned above, you are investing in a one off unique work here and the time compared to a normal photo post production photo is significantly more. But also consider that like any normal business there are expenses and overheads - 30% to tax man - 30% to costs, prints and expenses - 30% to artist. This is roughly how it works. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have in place a 100% guarantee, if you are not completely thrilled with your art piece then you won't pay for a thing. I personally can't justify to myself that a client is unhappy with a product, so if I can't resolve any issues or concerns you will recieve a full refund. Please see my full guarantee "here."



Canvas Gallery Wraps

Available in many sizes, please discuss with us about your specific needs and dimentions.

Framed Prints

Using museum quality fine art paper with a range of frame options and sizes.

Acrylic Wall Mounts

Acrylic wall mounts is a modern mount with a metallic print. Available in a range of sizes to suit your decor needs.