What session is for right for me?

Choosing a session comes down to two criterias, budget and what type of art do you wish to have on your walls.

Think about your pet, and what best personality suits our different sessions. Do you have space for one image on your wall or multiple? How many people or pets are in the session?

At the end of the day, a session is built around you and your life, then crafted into an amazing original work of art that will sit proudly on your wall for years to come.

Please call us and schedule a consultation to discuss in greater detail all the options available.

Key points

  • Start thinking

Start thinking of how your art prints will look, where are they going? What colours or locations are important.?

  • Book a free consultation

Every commissioned work we take is under Tony’s personal control. In the consultation we discuss all the options and plan the session.

  • Organisation

Once a session is booked, things like backgrounds, locations, props and talent are organised and scheduled in. 

  • Planning

Tony develops a plan for every client.

Carefully executed sessions are the key to success. Follwoing the processes to obtain the creative goals leads to exceptional end results. 

Signature Editions

Signature editions are for those looking to have a one off fine art piece on their walls. The session is shot with ONE single image in mind to produce an amazing and meaningful portrait of you and or your pets.

From the consultation, we discuss and plan what locations are important to you, how you want the pets displayed all with the goal of producing a one off images exclusive to you.

There is a large amount of planning and post production involved in these works. Due to the time these signature editions take only 4 sessions each month available so bookings are very limited.

Studio Sessions

As with all sessions, planning is key. At the consultation we discuss various background options and what best suits your decor. We then go into a session fully aware of what we wish to achieve.

Studio sessions can be as simple as a plan black or white background or more detailed with furniture or props of your pets favourite toys. You can include your family or just have your pet. The options are open and designed to capture the personality of you and your pets.

A series of shots is taken within the 1-2 hour session

On Location

Beiing on location is a fantastic way to capture your pet and family in a natural environment. Perfect for pets who can't sit still and love to play. 

Shooting in your favourite park or even your home, where ever you feel comfortable. These images reflect a more natural journalistic look and feel, less staged and more easier and flowing session.

Sessions go for around 2 hours with multiple images shot