Something for every taste.


Famed Prints

This is my favourite way to present and display my work, the paper used is the finest in the world and really shows the details of the work beautifully.

Meseum quality these prints will sure to stand out on your walls, They are a true work of art and with a bonus of being able to select any framing option.

The fine art paper is designed to meet the highest quality requirements for platinum printing and any other non-traditional photographic printing processes like Palladium, Van Dyke, Cyanotype and Salt Prints. The natural bright white paper with a weight of 300 gsm is made of 100% cotton fibres. It is acid free and does not contain any alkaline buffering.

The fine art prints excels with a beautiful tonal range and very deep blacks. The smooth, slightly textured surface lends the paper a pleasant feel-to-the-touch.

Each print comes signed by Tony


Canvas prints have long been a favourite choice amoung clients looking for art work on their walls. Canvas is light and durable and with modern printing the tones and colours have come a long way from 10 years ago.

Quality, clarity, and colour are vital in any art reproduction and the canvas wraps reproduce very nicely indeed.

We use only the best in producing canvas and art paper inkjet printing – Printed with the worlds finest inks and media onto prepared canvas and art paper. We never compromise quality in art supplies.

Acrylic Mounts

ACRYLIC FRAMES WALLS In my opinion, these are my favourite. Artwork is printed on long metalic paper and mounted to acrylic sheet and can either sit on the wall appearing to float or have the industrial look and feel using bolts. Acrylic frames produce stunning results and well worth the costs in a high quality piece that will last for generations.

Avaialble in many sizes, sure to suit the needs of any decor.

ACRYLIC BLOCKS A few years ago, these blocks were a real trend. They have stood the test of time and today are very popular with clients with limited wall space or renters who are restricted in what they can hang on walls.

Face mount photographs on a clear block of acrylic for a modern, clean display. The acrylic block has a high level of transparency and stands solidly either vertically or horizontally. Images are printed on ultra long life archival photographic paper then face mounted for the highest quality and longevity of your precious images.

Available in small, medium intermediate and large sizes to accommodate your every need. Select the sizes and prices that will best meet your needs here.

Protect your best work in a striking display of glistening artistry. Rest assured photos encased in acrylic blocks will last a lifetime – leaving a legacy of precious memories.

Albums and Books

Photo books or albums are a great way to keep memories alive inside a protection of a book. 

Displayed on coffee tables, allowing viewers to pick up the album and view a variety of images. There is a large selection of products in albums so we are sure to have something that suits your needs.

Naturally albums suit outdoor on locations shoots as a number of images is required to fill the 20-30 pages.


We are often asked about digital files being handed over on CD. As a rule we do not offer this service, we wish to protect our artwork and don't allow for wholesale distribution of our work. The focus on our service to produce high end pieces of art, so images are kept here for two years to protect the integrity of any post production.

However, we do offer one buy out option of 20 images for $4,950 for those who are 100% keen to have that avialable to them

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers Looking for a present to give a friend of family member? A studio portrait session of their beautiful furry friend makes a fantastic gift! For more information on what your voucher purchase includes please click here and here. Gift vouchers are available for any amount, with additional value able to be put toward printing or products of your gift recipient’s choice.